Donate Car to Charity California

best charity to donate car in california

It is not too difficult to donate can in California. Within 24 hours your donated car will be picked up. There are a lots of Charity farm who are working on it. Even some of Charity pick your car with 6 hours. So if you want to donate your car in California, it is better to donate in Charity farm. Most of the Charity farm is non profit organization. They are working for poor people.

Remember a thing, before donating your car. You must transfer your name to Charity farm. That will help for legal procedure. Otherwise, you may face different kinds of problem. Don’t worry about the name transfer. Most of the charity are doing willingly.

How to Donate A Car in California?

This is very simple to donate a car. Just check some reviews about some charity and select one to donate. Just call them, they will process whole thing. They will pick your by their cost. They will process car name transfer formalities. Most of the Charity companies are very good. Check some following charity company.

What is the best charity for car donations in California?

Actually most of the Charity company are working for poor people. Most of the farm have their own vehicle transport system. Don’t worry about name transfer process. All of the company will do it. Just call any of them.

  1. Habitat for Humanity’s Cars for Homes – Call: (877) 277-4344
  2. American Cancer Society – Call: 1-888-227-5500
  3. U.S. Fund for UNICEF – Call: 1-877-957-2277
  4. KLCS-TV Vehicle Donation – Call: (877) 215-0227
  5. ASPCA  – Call: (855) 652-7722
  6. Cars2charities – Call: 855-520-2100

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